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Who is Media Unspun?


  • Deborah Asbrand is a freelancer in Boston.
  • Keith Dawson has been making sense out of technology for diverse audiences over a 30-year career. He has worked with networked computer technology and software as software developer, manager, marketer, writer, editor, and unelected pundit. His newsletter "Tasty Bits from the Technology Front," won some awards. He wrote for Media Grok for more than two years. He's founder and principal of the Technology Front, a consultancy.
  • Jen Muehlbauer has been a professional smartass since 1996, the year she sought her fortune by reviewing AOL content areas. Since that inauspicious start, she's written half an O'Reilly book, columns for, countless newsletters for Media Grok, and business/technology articles for many other publications.
  • Lori Patel writes from Northern California, where she's held posts at The Industry Standard, The Recorder and Wired News. She served as a senior editor for the Standard, where she launched three publications, oversaw 18 newsletters, including Media Grok, and helped start a special topics magazine. She has contributed to two books and trained writing instructors at Duke University.

Copy Editor:

  • Jim Duffy, based in New York, formerly at The Industry Standard and American Banker, presently at various business publications, plus book projects. Also does session work as a piano player.

Editor and Publisher:
  • Jimmy Guterman has written or edited for more than 90 periodicals (some of which still exist), has written five books (half of which are still in print), and has produced CDs for every major record label (all of which have consolidated). He is the founder and president of The Vineyard Group, Inc., a consultancy.

  • Kristen Collins is a senior marketing communications and media relations consultant for emerging technology and technology-related businesses. Previously, she served as Director of Marketing for Cambridge Incubator. Before that, Collins was responsible for the market launch and PR for ThingWorld.
  • Shayne Gilbert is the founder of Silverweave, a project management consulting firm. With industry colleagues, she created The Nantucket Conference and its companion conference, Future Forward: The New England Technology Summit. She sits on the boards of the Bentley College Entrepreneurial Studies Program and the Massachusetts Communications College Internet Communication and Technology Advisory Committee. She is also an adjunct faculty member in the Graduate Program on Internet Strategy Management at Marlboro College and the Sawyer School of Management at Suffolk University. And she wrote 90 Days to Launch (Wiley, 2000).
  • Peter Mesnik is president and chief technology officer of iMakeNews. Prior to founding iMakeNews, he was the President and Founder of the WebFiler Development Group, Inc., a spin-off from Alpha Software, Inc. Mr. Mesnik was also the General Manager and principal architect of the WebFiler product line, which was acquired by SoftQuad in 1997 for $9 million.
  • Ralph Protsik is co-founder and Managing Director of the Boston Search Group, a fixture in new economy executive recruitment. Over the past eight years the partners of BSG have been engaged to fill more than 100 senior management positions in the Internet, software, and related fields. Ralph is a frequent panelist and author on topics of interest to both clients and other recruiters.
  • Michael Robertson is the founder and CEO of Prior to that he was CEO, chairman, and mastermind of
  • Kevin Werbach edits Release 1.0: Esther Dyson's Monthly Report, and is an organizer of the annual PC Forum conference for senior technology industry executives. Prior to joining EDventure Holdings, Werbach served as Counsel for New Technology Policy at the Federal Communications Commission. Disclosure: Werbach serves as a strategy and technology advisor to Kinecta, Participate Systems, Kasenna, Wordcasters, Onclave, and the San Francisco Business Internet Group; he is also an investor in OnePage and an advisor to the Genesys Angelbridge Fund.
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