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Media Unspun Testimonials

"Media Unspun is a great newsletter. I get a good laugh with my daily dose of news."
Ina Steiner -

"Reading Media Unspun is the best ten minutes you'll spend all day."
Sam Whitmore, Editor -

"I have been reading MEDIA UNSPUN for years (including its prior incarnation). Its a quick way to get the inside scoop on the day's most important events. Its smart and funning with just the right amount of attitude. It's one email that I actually look forward to getting."
Mark Klebanoff, Managing Director - Alexander Hutton Venture Partners

"I never thought I'd be willing to pay for content (on the Internet? are you kidding?) but I truly missed the synopses from the Team-Previously-Known-As-Grok. Of all the newsletters I get, this is the only one I make sure to read for its entertaining and informative highlights from a breadth of industries and sources. When the team started sending these again, I actually pulled out my credit card and decided to help ensure they'd be here for the long haul."
Mansi Goel, Manager, Account Services - America Online, Inc.

"Media Unspun never fails to inform and amuse me. Yours is the only newsletter that I consistently read, and hence the only one I find to be valuable enough to actually pay for."
John Pozadzides, Vice President - SAVVIS Communications

"Media Unpsun delivers insight on developing business news stories. It covers the field. It's got bite, an attitude, and it's smart."
Daphne Kis, President and CEO - Edventure Holdings - publisher, Release 1.0

"Believe it or not, marketing professionals need to cut through the bull sometimes too. That's why I turn to Median Unspun every morning. It's critical, unfiltered, humorous take on the Fifth Estate not only lends perspective to the day's top stories, but also serves as a valuable watchdog to the methods behind the madness."
Michael Teeling, Principal Consultant - Influential Strategies

"For a reality check on the real news of the day, you really don't need to go any further than Media Unspun. With laconic wit and a complete understanding of the nuances of the stories that it
covers, Media Unspun takes perspective on the issues to a new level."
Kimberly King-Burns - CONVERGENZ Solutions

"Media Unspun is an integral part of prepping for my day. Being involved in the technology and media businesses, it's the critical download I need to keep on top of my industry."
Michael Wong - Apple Computer

"Your media insights help me sort through what's good, bad and indifferent in the news world. They also direct me to what the opposing views are on the topics you cover. Thanks for providing a valuable resource."
James Gillies, Brand Editor - COMDEX

"Media Unspun is the modern business professional's best friend. They see through the hype, spin and confusion to distill the top stories with insight, brevity and humor -- a daily must-read."
Joseph Molsby -

"In the short time Media Unspun has been publishing, I've already become reliant on it. Not only do I find it personally enlightening to see a compare/contrast of media coverage on a couple of the day's
hot topics, but I've been able to keep my internal clients up-to-date on selected topics. Media Unspun's irreverent, no-BS-tolerated viewpoint and editorial style is very entertaining, often leaving me laughing out loud. While this sometimes makes my co-workers think I'm a raving lunatic, it gives me a welcome opportunity to lighten up my mornings."
Kurt Rahn, Director of Corporate Communications - EarthLink, Inc.

"Media Unspun is the fastest way for me to stay on top of current events in business and technology, the newsletter is worth every penny of the subscription costs just on the amount of time it saves me."
Javier Romero - The Boston Consulting Group

"Media Unspun helps stoke the perpetual motion machine that is the PR engine. It's as enjoyable and insightful as Dilbert, with the added benefit of actually being related to my job."
Johanna Schlegel, Director of Communications and Public Relations -

"Media Unspun pulls golden needles from the haystacks of dross out there. Essential and surprising information has never been easier to acquire!"
Mark Zanger

"The only complaint I have is that Media Unspun is so entertaining, I usually interrupt whatever I'm doing to read it as soon as it arrives."
CJ Rhoads, CEO - Enterprise Technology Management Associates

"Media Unspun offers a high-value perspective on the state of the collective tech consciousness. The most concentrated download of analysis and links I've ever seen. The one e-letter I always have time for."
Robin Harris, Vice President - YottaYotta Inc.

"Insightful, illuminating and entertaining, Media Unspun looks hard and deep at the most interesting media stories of the day. I consider its editors and writers a crucial part of my information braintrust."
Wayne Robins, Associate editor - Editor & Publisher

"Of all online-based business and technology news-providers that have ever adopted a pay-for-content annual subscription model, there are only two to which I've ever subscribed, and continue to subscribe: The WSJ Online, and Media Unspun. Enough said."
Scott A. McIntyre

"If you're strapped for time and looking for a concise analysis of the day's business news, no one does it better. That alone makes Media Unspun worth paying for."
Mike O' Sullivan

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