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Media Unspun Privacy Policy
(swiped and abridged from the EFF)

This statement discloses the privacy practices for the entire Web site and e-mail newsletters we produce.

We collect aggregate information site-wide, including anonymous site stats. We also log domain names and/or IP addresses. On certain pages such as the subscription form, we give you the option of providing us with your email addresses. It looks like our e-mail provider asks you for some demographic information, but you can ignore their requests for information and still subscribe to the free newsletter. If you subscribe to the paid newsletter, you will need to divulge your credit-card information via a system our partner(s) tell us is secure.

The information is gathered by us and for us. Contact and other information about our subscribers might be collected by third parties that fulfill orders, verify credit cards, process orders in online currencies and pseudo-currencies. These off-site assistants and fulfillment houses will be required by us to make no further use of such information, nor disclose it to others. We don't track you and we don't approve of anyone else tracking you, either.

We review and discard the information in some cases (e.g. IP address logs for file transfers), while in others we may use the information to tailor our users' web experience, generate anonymous statistics, or to contact users via email. We do not send such messages without permission. We don't share individual subscriber information with advertisers, partners, or anyone.

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